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Program Background

iResearch Institute High School Summer Program is geared for motivated students who want to use their summer recess to increase understandings of the scientific research process. These students will learn detailed research methodologies and conduct novel data analyses related to experimentation. The iResearch Institute will train students in science research methods through clarifying science with inquiry. Experimentation will be conducted to prepare students for science research related competitions, as applicable.

iResearch Institute Summer Research Program will be held at virtually from June 24 (closed July 4th) - July 26, 2024. The summer research program will be run daily Monday-Friday, 12 PM - 10 PM EST.
Student researcher PowerPoint/Google Slide presentations and research paper review and critiques will take place without students (July 29 - Aug 2, 2024). All mentor critiques and edits will be sent to student researchers post review.

Financial Aid & Application Fee Waiver

iResearch Institute offers generous financial aid and is funded by iResearch Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Please contact us for an application fee waiver if needed. Applications for financial aid MUST be submitted with iRI application. Limited numbers of full and/or partial scholarships are available.
NOTE WELL: Submit a financial aid application and supporting documents with the student application, no exceptions will be allowed.
Note: NO Financial Aid or Fee Waivers exist for International Students!!

Application Process Overview

Students who are interested in our summer research institute, intensive science research methods, and laboratory investigations must complete the full application process. Student eligibility for the iResearch Institute programs must satisfy all requirements for the intensive summer research application.

We highly recommend that all high school students who wish to apply to our summer virtual program have a general understanding of their field of interest, minimally (i.e. microbiology, physics, environmental sciences, optics, cell, machine learning, deep learning, neurology, molecular biology, artificial intelligence, etc.). Students increase their chances of being assigned to complex experimentation in our summer research program, as applicable to formal educational training and experience in previous wet bench or experimental settings.

You must complete the application by applying online here.

Application Details

iResearch Institute Summer High School Research Program application process opens December 19, 2023 for the virtual 2024 program. Program tuition is $6978.

To be considered in our initial high school summer program application review, submit your application after December 19, 2023. For early admission, submit your application by Feb. 29, 2024. Early decisions are released by March 14, 2024.

The application process is rolling but applications must be received by end of business May 7, 2024 to be considered for admission. Refer to "Letter of iResearch Institute Acceptance," in admission section for details on program acceptance. Admission selection is rolling until program capacity is reached.

After application deadline, any remaining applications received by the close of business will be reviewed for program acceptance to complete the summer high school program fulfillment. The selection process will continue until all application reviews close in late spring.

All selected applicants will be notified by June 1, 2024 at the latest, early action will receive notification by March 14th.

Please complete the iRI 2024 application
HERE, which contains the following information:
Completed iResearch Institute application with parent/guardian and student signatures
2. Most recent official transcript (include PSAT, SAT I/II test scores, as applicable) and extracurricular activities list
3. Student essays (see below)
4. Student and Parent Agreement with signatures (imbedded within the iResearch Institute application)
Release Form with parent and student signatures (imbedded within the iResearch Institute application)
Application fee or application fee waiver (email prior to completing the iResearch Institute application stating financial aid need for application fee waiver, as applicable)

Essay Questions
Essays for the iRI application are found below (complete essays prior to beginning the online application, applications are NOT saved).
1. Explain how participation in the iResearch Institute Summer Research Program will enhance your long term goal for a career in science, technology, engineering or mathematics (250 words max).
2. Explain the greatest obstacle you have faced in life, thus far and how you overcame the difficulty (250 words max).
3. Write a note of introduction about yourself. The essay should reveal something that will help the iResearch Institute team get to know you better and provide an opportunity to share unique experiences that will set you apart from other candidates. (250 words max).
4. Please, provide information regarding your extracurricular activities, as applicable (500 words max).
5. In which scientific discipline are you most eager to conduct research? Please be specific about ONE discipline (i.e. genetics, cell & molecular biology, mechanics, environmental filtration systems/design, etc.). Briefly explain why (25 words max.). Your statement will assist in the mentor:mentee MATCHING process!


Students will be notified by email if accepted to the iResearch Institute summer research program. Admission is rolling and students will begin to receive acceptance after applications are received but no later than noted previously. Applications will not be accepted after May 7th. Please be mindful to check email spam folders. The applicant will receive an email regarding acceptance into the iResearch Institute AND after being notified about acceptance the participant must agree to participate in writing.

Full iResearch Institute summer program payments should be RECEIVED no later than June 5, 2024.


Students may add themselves to a wait list after being notified as a student of interest by emailing The guidelines for the iResearch Institute wait list are listed below.

Please note well:
The wait list is not first-come, first-served. Selection from the wait list is determined using the same criteria as regular registration admissions. Placement on the wait list can vary from student to student, week to week.

After May 2024, applications received by the close of business will be reviewed for program acceptance to complete the summer program fulfillment of classes. The selection process will continue until all application reviews close in late spring. All selected applicants will be notified by June 1.

Wait listing for the iResearch Institute summer research program is a commitment. The wait list process is designed to fill every open seat in the research methods courses and laboratory experiences. If a student is at the top of the wait list and space opens up, the student will be notified via email. After being selected to be removed from the wait list and to join the program the student will have 7 days to notify us of future participation. If at any point, you decide that you no longer wish to be considered for a wait listed enrollment position, please be sure to email immediately.

Students on a wait list will receive an email communication about their status no later than June 1, where they are either assigned to the program or denied admission for this calendar year.

On June 1 students will be removed from the wait list unless they ask to keep their wait list status active via email. Although we would like to accommodate all students who apply, due to space limitations this is not possible. When completing the application, we encourage you to list as many curricular and extracurricular activities, test scores (PSAT, Olympiad scores, etc.), academic records, etc. as possible to increase acceptance rates. This will give you the best possible chance of participating in our program this summer.

Space is limited, we often have more requests than we can accommodate.

Withdrawals & Refunds

To withdraw your child from the program for any reason, you must notify iResearch Institute in writing. Refunds take approximately 4-6 weeks to process from the time that the withdrawal notification is received by iResearch Institute. Refunds are issued in the same method of payment (check or charge) used for the initial payment to iResearch Institute. Refunds are sent to the students address of record. The application fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.

BEFORE March 15th: Tuition will be refunded in full.

AFTER REGISTRATION OPENS, BUT BEFORE SUMMER PROGRAM BEGINS: Tuition fees are refundable only in the following circumstances: (1) If a student withdraws for a medical reason and provides us with appropriate documentation from a physician, or (2) the student did not receive sufficient financial aid as noted by iResearch Foundation scholarship notification. For (1), if a student withdraws due to a medical reason and appropriate documentation from a physician is provided, a refund will be given on a prorated basis as follows:
March: Tuition will be refunded less 25% of the full tuition payment
April: Tuition will be refunded less 50% of the full tuition payment
May: Tuition will be refunded, less 75% of the full tuition payment

June through August: Tuition will NOT be refunded under any circumstances

Any questions? 

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