An example of a single year of her high school research program, out of 12 students, there were:
  • 6 Intel ISEF Finalists (top 1800 of 7 million+ internationally)
  • 2 Intel ISEF 1st Place in Category
  • 9 Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) Semifinalists (top 300 nationally)
  • 2 Regeneron Science Talent Search (STS) Finalists (top 40 nationally)
  • 5 MIT Acceptances
  • 4 Stanford Acceptances
  • 3 Columbia Acceptances
  • 1 Harvard Acceptance
  • 1 Yale Acceptance
  • 1 Princeton Acceptance

For her rigorous curriculum, Dr. McCalla has been a 3-time recipient of the US Presidential Scholar Teaching Award.

Dr. McCalla is a star of the recent National Geographic Documentary “Science Fair”, which won the 2019 National Academy Emmy for Outstanding Science and Technology Documentary and the 2018 Festival Favorite Award at the Sundance Film Festival. Dr. McCalla is a principal subject and the only educator in the documentary.

Dr. McCalla's students annually win the most prestigious competitions, such as Regeneron STS (she has had over 72 semifinalists and 14 finalists in the last 10 years) and Regeneron's International Science Fair (on average her high school sends 5+ students annually). She will train and support all students who participate in the iResearch Institute this summer. Click here to learn more about her story.